It is recommended on all surfaces to wire brush or abrade to loosen and remove all flaking material, degrease by washing with detergent and water then allow to dry. Stir paint thoroughly before use and during application. On difficult-to-paint surfaces, i.e. aluminium or galvanised, an appropriate primer should be used.

IMPORTANT – Ensure edges, heavily pitted areas and corners are adequately covered – particularly on wrought iron gates, garden furniture, fences etc.

By Brush

Do not thin. Use a suitable size brush and apply paint evenly and thickly using multi-directional strokes, then level out to avoid runs and sags. A second thick coat may be applied if required after 4 hours. On previously painted metal in sound condition one coat should be sufficient. On bare / rusty metal, 2 coats are required.


By Roller

Use a natural fibre roller and cover the area evenly. Some thinning may be required (by up to 5% using white spirit).


By Spray

Thin paint with white spirit (between 5 – 10% depending upon equipment used). Apply multiple coats, allowing paint to dry between coats, using a gun pressure of 30-40 psi.



Cleaning brushes/sprayers – use white spirit or turpentine substitute. Store in a dry well ventilated area and protect from frost and strong sunlight.



Stir Regularly while in use, close lid when done


Designed by: Design2brand | Developed by: Applab


Designed by: Design2brand | Developed by: Applab